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Stream 2 Sea Sunscreen

Stream 2 Sea is one of my absolute favorite sunscreens ever! This formula is amazing for sensitive skin! You will find several natural sunscreens will leave you with a white cast because they mostly contain zinc oxide. Because Stream 2 Sea uses 8.8 % of non-nano Titanium Dioxide, it won't leave you with such a thick, white layer. Though it comes out of the tube brown, the sunscreen actually looks a little rosy once applied. The texture is one of a very light weight mousse, but this is the only sunscreen I have ever used that also feels somewhat moisturizing. One reason that I love this brand so much is because they are very eco-conscious and have made sure to be very reef safe -and even use sugar cane resin tubes! Their ingredients list contains several certified organic ingredients like green tea, tulsi, wakame seaweed, olive, and aloe. SPF 30 is the only product I've used of theirs, and even though it's 10 more than their 20 SPF I find that it gives a matte finish -so it's not greasy in any way! For a natural sunscreen that's biodegradable, 80 min. water resistant, aquatic safe, and a healthier option overall I must applaud Stream 2 Sea. I love them, and I highly recommend this company! I even used this as makeup all over my face and I don't mind it at all!

Below is the link for Stream 2 Sea:

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